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ACROSS : Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases immunotherapeutic strategy


Immunotherapeutic strategy for inflammatory and auto-immune diseases using P28GST, a unique parasite - derived enzyme
P28GST is an anti –oxidant enzymatic protein identified in schistosomes which displays potent anti-inflammatory and pro-Th2 immunogenic properties, demonstrated in rodents and non-human primates.
Safety and immunogenicity have been confirmed through 5 clinical trials (Phases I, II and III), for another application: the Bilhvax program
Treatment with P28GST reduces intestinal inflammation in experimental colitis through decrease of Th1 responses (including TNF) and induction of a pro-Th2 regulatory response.


  • ORIGINALITY: P28GST is a very well characterized helminth derived enzyme for a new application, based on the induction of a prolonged anti-inflammatory response, aiming to control Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and auto-immune diseases
  • EASE: P28GST production in yeast under GMP procedures is totally controlled.
  • SECURITY AND EFFICACY: repositioning of a protein having successfully passed 5 randomized clinical trials in another application: safety and long term immune response, including in children
  • CLINICAL TRIAL IN CROHN'S DISEASE PATIENTS:Multicentric pilot Phase II in progress (ACROHNEM) : Clinical trials identifier: NCT 02281916
  • MARKET: Crohn’s disease patients including children and adolescents; mode of action totally different from actual therapies, with expected low secondary effects


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