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DIMERE-K1 : Regenerative medicine - Chronic wound-healing treatment


K1 Dimer (Kringle domain of HGF/SF) as a potent agonist of MET
The development of MET receptor agonists is an important goal in regenerative medicine. Up to now, many studies aiming at developing MET agonists for
regenerative medicine focused on the design of NK1 analogs. None of these were sufficiently potent in vivo to be of medical interest.
The results combined with structural data led to the development of a K1K1
recombinant molecule. K1 dimer has all the potential as a future drug for
regenerative medicine.

Benefits :

The invention is fully original as it builds on new studies (crystallographic and chemical/biological) that have led to a new class of MET agonist built on a dimeric assembly of a single HGF/SF domain, namely the first Kringle domain.The invention has both technical and financial advantages over the prior art.
The technical advantages are that the biological activity of the minimal MET agonist claimed here displays full MET agonist activity whereas other truncated and engineered variants of HGF/SF have partial agonist activity.
The financial advantage is also substantial because the expression protocol developed and its scalability under fermentation conditions imply that the K1 Dimer is not only a full agonist but the cheapest to produce among competitors’ molecules


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