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SIMULORG :TFT numerical software


Our laboratory has developed eWeWeW, a scientific software simulating thin-film transistors (TFT) electrical characteristics in a very fast and user-friendly way. eWeWeW is versatile thanks to its unique user interface allowing a gradual approach to the device physics.
Specially designed for the broadly used silicon and organic TFTs, eWeWeW delivers all its outputs within a minute, using state-of-the-art and well established physics. It includes numerous models to describe various materials and technologies, such as : density of states, defects, transport, injection, temperature dependence, and more.

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Benefits :

  • Fast and reliable numerical simulation of TFTs
  • Fits expectations from beginners to experts
  • Beginners can figure out the basics of TFT physics in a few clicks
  • Experts can investigate complex physics
  • 30+ plots and standard-formatted data files
  • Runs from anywhere with standard web browsers


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