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ANTI AGE/ALE: Diamines anti AGE and ALE, chelators of metals and/or free radicals, active against skin aging


AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) are end-products resulting from the oxidative metabolism of carbohydrates.

These compounds are particularly involved in skin aging:

  • Loss of skin tissue elasticity
  • Skin pigmentation

ALEs (Advanced Lipid peroxidation End products) are end-products resulting from the degradation of polyunsaturated fatty acids under the effect of oxidative stress induced by transition metals.

These compounds are also involved in skin aging:

  • Decreased skin resistance to UV.

To date, no existing compound makes it possible to inhibit the formation of AGEs and ALEs and to trap the transition metals.


  • These new compounds are able to trap both the precursors of AGEs, those of ALEs but also to trap transition metals.
  • Anti-radical and anti-apoptotic biological effects have been confirmed in vitro.
  • Simple synthesis (5/6 steps), correct yield, low production cost, industrially transposable.
  • Basic compounds which can be prepared in the form of salts.
  • HET-CAM and skin irritation (Episkin) test successfully passed
  • AMES test successfully passed


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