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BOTTE : Dispositif for evaluation and rehabilitation


Portable ankle ergometer with no muscle compensation

B.O.T.T.E : (Boot Design, Open Chain, Three Dimensions,Transportable Ergometer)

Benefits : 

  • Returns the real value of the force developed in the ankle, the patient cannot take support on other parts of his body or engage other muscles to increase power output.
  • (values are overestimated by 40% with other ergometers)
  • We only mesure the strength of the plantar flexor muscles.
  • The measurement may be done in the supine or sitting position.
  • Allows a early assessment of the patient's ability to be mobilized ==> more rapid mobilization of the patient.
  • Can be used to motivate and rehabilitate the patient through the use of playful force feedback on a screen which allows a performance gain for the patient by 20%
  • Portable
  • Reduced cost compared to other ergometers.


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