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DIAGMASS: Early and rapid diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections by mass spectrometry


DIAGMASS is a diagnosis method for invasive fungal infections (IFI) based on mass spectrometry detection (MALDI-TOF) of specific fungal metabolites in the bloodstream.

•A first Proof of Concept has been obtained with an artisanal column.
•The method was transposed in 2022 on a commercial column, making it possible to consider miniaturization and automation (96-well plates, robotization, …)


  • New rapid detection method taking advantage of circulating fungal molecules using a physico-chemical method.
  • This method makes it possible to quickly determine if the infection is of the fungal type and to set up an appropriate treatment.
  • Robust, sensitive and specific test based on MALDI-TOF type mass spectrometry which has found its place in clinical microbiology for the identification of isolated germs and which is available in many hospitals.
  • This Technique is independent of the brand of the equipment used (use of an internal standard).


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