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E-Therm Patch: Electro thermal matrix patch for transdermal drug delivery


This technology is an alternative to techniques used actually for enhancing transdermal drug delivery such as iontophoresis, electroporation, and microporation

• This technology is a new way to cross the stratum corneum using heat
• The heat will destabilize the stratum corneum allowing the medication to pass through
• This technology is expected to expand the spectrum of drugs to be administered transdermally
• The patch is composed of 3 parts:
• a thin, flexible polymer support with high chemical and thermal resistance
• a thin nano-perforated metallic film transforming by Joule effect an electric current into heat
• a thin solid matrix containing a drug solution or suspension to be administrated


  • Non invasive and painless
  • Usable for molecules over 500 Da (peptides, antibodies, nucleic acids))
  • Usable for non-lipophilic molecules
  • Reproducible
  • Can be developed in many different sizes (size determines the level of energy required)
  • Fast temperature increase
  • Drug can be delivered on demand
  • High and easy loading of drugs
  • Delivery can be set up through smartphone apps
  • A fixed electrical energy by cm² is required to obtain the thermal effect needed (±50°C)
  • The electrical energy required can be obtained by adjusting the amperage or the voltage
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • pH 5 to 10


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