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INTELLICAM: Ultra low power neuromorphic smart camera


This bio inspired smart camera has two ultra low power technological components

  • an image sensor
  • a synaptic circuit accessible to supervised learning on chip

Its technology based on spike processing makes it possible to acquire images up to a rate of 30 fps
IntelliCAM is then a frame based camera (not event based)
The synaptic chip provides processing on the sensor with on chip STDP (Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity) learning, which makes it an ideal solution for
autonomous embedded systems that operate without interruption (always on applications)


  • Ultra low power sensor 30 pW
  • CMOS technology
  • Frame based sensor up to 30 fps
  • Can be used as a wake up camera with higher resolution sensors
  • Supervised online and offline learning
  • Compatibility with classic computer vision algorithms
  • Analog signal processing
  • Ultra low power computing (sub threshold leakage reduction)


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